Forthcoming publications

Journal articles

Ådahl, Susanne (2016): Kuulohallusinaatioiden tutkimus: kokijan ja kulttuurin näkökulma [Researching auditory hallucinations: the contribution of the social sciences and humanities]. – Journal of the Finnish Association of Psychologists. In review process.

Book chapters

Kanerva, Kirsi: Restless Dead or Peaceful Cadavers. Preparations for Death in Medieval Iceland. In Anu Lahtinen & Mia Korpiola (eds.), Saving Souls, Safeguarding Memory: Preparations for Death in Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe, Leiden: Brill.

Kanerva, Kirsi: From Powerful Agents to Subordinate Objects of Magic? The Posthumously Restless Dead in Medieval Iceland (ca. 1200–1400). In Joëlle Rollo Koster (ed.), Death in Medieval Europe: Death Scripted and Death Choreographed, Routledge.

Edited books, monographs, dissertations

Marja-Liisa Honkasalo & Kaarina Koski (eds.), Mielen rajoilla. Nykypäivän kummat kokemukset. Helsinki: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura. In review process. See more about the publication here.