Kumman varjo – an article on the uncanny

9789524954075-196x300Gaudeamus recently published a book called Mielen salat (2016) that centers on the different aspects of the human mind. In the book researchers from different fields of study discuss new ways to research and interpret the mind.

The publication is a product of The Academy of Finland Programme The Human Mind, which consists of 22 different research projects including ours, the Mind and the Other.

For this publication Marja-Liisa Honkasalo has written an article called Kumman varjo that addresses researching the supernatural, or as we call it, the uncanny. Honkasalo argues that the uncanny is something that we cannot see but which leaves a permanent mark or better yet, a shadow on the people that encounter the phenomena.

The book and the article are written in Finnish. You can download a scanned copy of  professor Honkasalo’s article below.

The article as pdf: honkasalo-kumman-varjo
For more information on the book click here.


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